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Phone Charging Stations for Multiple Devices

A phone charging kiosk with lockers or a portable charging system is the perfect way to satisfy customers and improve your business or event. Veloxity’s charging solutions are easy to use and charge virtually all smartphones with portable chargers or inside secure lockers, freeing your customers from dead battery anxiety.


8 individual charging lockers
19 inch touchscreen display
Dual audio speakers
Intel processor
Windows 7

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Power Pax

8 individual power packs
Custom branded charging bay
Custom branded power packs
4,000 mah battery capacity
2.1 amp fast charging

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Improve Retention Rate

Customers and guests with low or dead battery tend to get anxiety and will leave your establishment early. By providing a charging kiosk from Veloxity, your venue will have the ability to keep customers for longer and spending more.

Increase Foot Traffic

Charging solutions have become so essential that with proper promotion a business can increase foot traffic to their venue with a Veloxity charging kiosk. Customers with low or dead battery will seek out your venue for a source of power.

Promote Your Brand

Each of Veloxity’s phone charging kiosks have an LCD screen that acts as a branding platform for your business or sponsors. With customers engaged in the charging kiosk the LCD screen becomes a powerful advertising opportunity.

Custom Branding

Each phone charging solution offers unique custom branding options. The LockerPower has a display screen for videos or images. The kiosks can be further branded with custom wraps. The Power Pax offers custom branding on the charging bay and individual power packs.
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Purchase or Rent

Veloxity’s phone charging stations are available for rent or purchase.

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